Which Type of Online Entrepreneur Are You?

January 14, 2015 Gene Eugenio 0 Comments

Judging from all these slick make money online (MMO) blogs and ebooks, making money online simply means following a blueprint. I’m sorry to say but it takes more than following an ‘online business success’ checklist to achieve a fat bank account. It doesn’t matter how well-known the ‘guru’ or huckster behind the blueprint you’re trying to follow is. Using a ‘fill in the blanks’ approach won’t lead to financial freedom. In fact, the number one factor that determines the amount of success you’ll enjoy is your attitude toward your online business. In fact, this is what separates the different types of online entrepreneurs.

Different attitudes reveal different business practices which lead to different levels of success. If you want to achieve real success in the world of online business, you need to recognize whatever faulty attitude you have and change it. Here are the different types of online entrepreneurs. Recognize which one you are and see if you need to make some changes… before it’s too late.

Type #1: The Churn and Burn Hustler

You want to make a ton of money quickly. You’ll do whatever it takes to get to your goal. Even if it means bending the truth, pretending to be something you’re not, or making promises you can’t keep, it doesn’t matter to you-you just need to stack that cash and you need it to happen NOW! Churn and burn operators are not shy about using blackhat SEO techniques to rank websites that have the lifespan of your typical fruitfly. They typically push the latest dubious product, service, or food supplement that is long on promise and short on results.

These hustlers don’t care about building an online brand or building trust. They only want to pump as much traffic onto an affiliate page, landing page, or squeeze page as possible. They would stop at nothing in harvesting traffic-clean or dirty, it doesn’t matter. If they get banned, they simply make a new account.

Type #2: Mr. or Ms. ‘Build it and They Will Come’

One of the most common mindsets in the affiliate marketing world is ‘build it and they will come.’ I swear this mindset is harder to kill than the typical zombie in a zombie apocalypse movie. Whether you try to make money by blogging, building lists, or building an ecommerce site, it doesn’t matter-you follow the same ‘formula’ for success.

You simply build a website and post content. That’s all you do-create content. You don’t lift a finger about promoting so people actually become aware of your content. You focus all your effort at creating ‘the best content.’ I’m sorry to burst your bubble but even if you manage to come up with the best content in the world, if people are unaware of it, you will never make money online. End of story. Period.

Type #3: The Starter

You really get excited about all the hot opportunities that come your way. You buy lots of WSOs and Clickbank products. You read lots of online marketing blogs and online promotion resources. You are quite knowledgeable about making money online. It seems you can advise almost anyone about almost anything having to do with making money off the Internet.

The problem is you can’t seem to apply any of that advice to your own online business. All your stuff is partly built. You would build a site to pursue one way of making money then you hear about another opportunity and you drop everything you’re doing to pursue that. Rinse and repeat. Your ‘business portfolio’ is littered with half-baked, half-finished online ‘businesses’ that make little if any money. Worst of all, you hold yourself out to be a ‘guru’!

Type #4: The Cheap Dreamer

Does it make sense for a person to expect to pay $100 for a brand new Porsche Carrera? Sounds ridiculously unrealistic, right? Well, this is how a Cheap Dreamer thinks. This person would trawl through Fiverr, Elance, Odesk, Freelancer, and all other freelance platforms on the planet in the sadly mistaken hope that he or she will find amazing copywriters and content producers that will produce top notch engaging content for peanuts.

In fact, the Cheap Dreamer hopes to build his or her business based on such magical content. Obviously, this person is only setting himself or herself up for disappointment because quality writers and content producers eventually get paid what they are worth. They may work for peanuts to establish a name for themselves at first but they will eventually raise their prices to match their skill and talent level. Sadly, the Cheap Dreamer is the last person to grab a clue regarding this reality. It is no surprise that their businesses rarely become successful.

Type #5: The Copycat

You truly believe that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. You won’t hesitate copying the websites or business models of more successful entrepreneurs. Sadly, all that copying hasn’t really gotten you anywhere. You are so busy copying businesses that you fail to recognize or care about the core philosophies and business practices that account for an online business’ success.

You think that making money online simply involves following the right ‘blueprint’ or template. Not surprisingly, you have a lot of websites to your name with very little profits to show for all your time and effort. Your business model is to build tons of websites that each make very little money. The hope that all those tiny income streams will add up to a nice river of income. This still hasn’t happened but that hasn’t kept you from hoping-and building even more low-quality sites.

Type #6: The Worker

You obsess about making sure your website is up to date. In fact, it consumes most of your waking hours. You hustle and network with other blogs in your niche. You really put in the work as far as making sure your site has content and that content is shared on social media sites and linked to from other blogs in your niche. This is all well and good but your idea of meeting your blog visitors’ needs is to give them the information they came for. Quick and simple, right?

Well, by simply giving away buffet to diners that rush into your digital doors, you are not building much of a business. They simply come, consume content, and leave. Your site is just a generic source of information. No branding. No personality. Totally replaceable. Sure, you make money because you put in the work but don’t expect your income to last. Since your site lacks a solid and distinct brand, your website is in danger of being displaced by the ‘next big thing’ that comes along in your niche.

Type #7: The Brand Builder

You build your business around your target customers’ needs. You make it a point to engage your visitors so you can grow your website based on their needs and recommendation. Not surprisingly, your site visitors keep coming back because they feel they ‘belong’ at your site. They feel listened to and appreciated.

You make it a point to publish only content that engages your site visitors on a personal level. In fact, they feel so emotionally invested in your site that they readily tell their friends and everyone else they come into contact with online about your site. Best of all, they continuously give you ideas about content you should post. Your site is no longer just a website-it has become a solid online brand. Since your brand is so well-known in your niche, your site is worth a lot of money to potential buyers and advertisers.

Your attitude dictates your online success altitude

Can you tell which type of online entrepreneur you are? If you want to achieve a higher level of success or want to take your business to the next level, you only need to change your attitude. It’s easier than you think. How? Model yourself successful online entrepreneurs. Adopt their attitude and your actions will change. Change your actions and you change your results. Are you ready to make the change today?