The Money Isn’t Automatically In The List

May 1, 2014 Gene Eugenio 0 Comments

Making money online is not a myth. Making money off the Internet is not a pipe dream. As much as skeptical people or just clueless people like to dismiss the idea of people making a huge amount of dollars by working only a few hours every week, the reality is more and more Americans are making a full time living advertising and marketing online. As more and more people figure out how to sell on the Internet, there is a new conventional wisdom that has risen among online promotions communities. This conventional wisdom can be summed up in a tidy little saying “the money is in the list”. In fact, this saying has become some sort of mantra among email marketers. They think that its truth is self evident. They think that just by saying it, people will automatically get what they’re talking about.

The sad reality is that by repeatedly saying “the money is in the list”, doesn’t necessarily mean that people will automatically make money. Just as if you repeat a lie a million times, it doesn’t make the statement any less of a lie. Just because people repeat this mantra a lot, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true for all people under all circumstances. The sad reality with this saying is that it simplifies all of email marketing system to a slogan. Unfortunately, slogans don’t put money in your bank account. Slogans don’t feed your children. Slogans don’t put food on the table. Still, hordes of newbies come online trying to make easy money by believing ‘the money is in the list.’ They keep repeating that to themselves. They spend hundreds of dollars in coaching. They spend all sorts of money on software. At the end of the day, they have very little money to show for all their efforts, time and lost energy. If you truly want to make money off mailing list, you have to get rid of that slogan. Sure, it is real. However, it’s real, not because of the reasons that you think that it’s real. Here is a complete breakdown of why conventional wisdom is wrong when it comes to email list marketing.

Conventional Wisdom

Conventional wisdom regarding email list marketing is actually a neat set of steps that you can follow. In fact, many promoters have this memorized because they try to sell it to other people. The series can be reduced into the following: You buy yourself a new landing page or you design a new one. Next, you buy a PLR auto responder series. Next, you sign up for aweber or Getresponse or some other auto responder email service. You then sign up for an affiliate program where you get paid money for every sale your affiliate links make. The next step is you get traffic for your landing page-either you buy that traffic or generate that traffic yourself. The whole point of that traffic is that they would sign up to the landing page mailing list and they will then give you permission to send them email. Once everything is set up and you followed all the previous steps, the auto responder will work its magic and you wake up in your pajamas with several thousand dollars in your bank account. Sounds awesome right? Well, that is a pipe dream. That is only a reality for a very small minority of online marketers. The sad truth is that it is only a reality if they go through certain other steps. The conventional wisdom of these nice simple steps you follow to generate money online is the stuff that is being sold day-after-day to newbies. This ‘churn and burn’ marketing hype regarding the power of email marketing has basically bankrupted many people and worst of all, robbed them of their motivation to make money online.

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Make no mistake about it, it is possible to make money online. It is possible to work while hanging out at Starbucks and have your auto responder generate money while you just enjoying coffee or hanging out with your family or you’re taking a long vacation. It is possible. It is doable. The problem is you have to do it the right way. Following conventional wisdom is only going to lead you to one place and that is desperation and possible depression.

Why do people fall for the conventional wisdom regarding online email marketing again and again? Well, first of all, they prey on lazy people. I’m not talking about people that are just physically lazy that they don’t want to do anything, they just want to be spoofed at. I’m talking about people who are mentally lazy. This is the worst form of laziness. These are people with who have lost their sense of curiosity. They have lost their sense of possibility. It’s one thing to be told that you can make money online. It’s another to actually be mentally and intellectually curious enough to start researching the wide treasury of knowledge available online to come with your own solution. The other group of people conventional wisdom preys on are people who lack technical skills. There are certain websites on the Internet that are frequented by senior citizens or people with little to know technical skills, these are people who don’t know HTML or PHP. As a result, they are looking for online money making package that they can just buy and turn on. They are looking basically for a ‘set it and forget it’ money making device. Well, guess what, just like with a free lunch, such device hasn’t been invented yet.

You have to actually work to make money online. You actually have to think and customize for you to make money online. This applies to email marketing, content marketing, SEO, social media marketing. Regardless of the specific marketing channel, you still have to put in the work. You still have to customize. Unfortunately, these people did not get the memo. They fell for those spammy and hyped up ads and come ons that say that you only need to buy this piece of software or you need to buy this ebook or you enroll in that program and you will make money. If you find yourself in that position, stop what you’re doing because you are not going to make money. Instead you have to follow my advice below. Or else, you’re just going to walk away from online marketing depressed, discouraged and worst of all, desperate. Finally, the conventional wisdom on email marketing preys on people who are looking for shortcuts. Maybe I have said this earlier in the discussion regarding people with no technical skill, but in fact, the market of people who are looking for shortcuts extend beyond people or just clueless technically. I’m talking about young kids, sixteen to twenty-four years old who are technically savvy, but they are just looking for shortcuts. They are lazy, but they have technical proficiency. They look at email marketing as this silver bullet that will solve all their problems. The problem is email marketing reduce to “the money is in the list”. It’s a pipe dream. It’s never going to work. Why? There are serious gaps in that conventional wisdom that you yourself must plug in. If you are able to plug in these missing processes, you can make money.

There Is No Magic In A Mailing List

This should take the place of the saying “the money is in the list.” The saying should be “there is no magic in mailing list.” Maybe if more people use this saying, less people will be ripped off. It will increase the likelihood that people are actually making money. Once you wrap your mind around this concept that there is no magic in mailing list, you will be making progress to actually making money with mailing list. The reality is that simply building a mailing list and buying traffic won’t mean you will make money. It takes work. It takes building trust. You have to build trust with your mailing list for you to make money. After all, people won’t buy from you if they don’t trust you. Similarly, people won’t sign up to your mailing list if they don’t trust you. They have to trust for them to take the action that you want them to take. If you understand this, then you would put in the work to build an effective list sequence. An effective list sequence builds up trust. Many marketers call this the sales funnel. Others call it the email sales sequence. Regardless of the label you choose, it all works out the same. Effective selling through an email auto responder series is sending your recipient a series of emails that gradually builds up their trust in you. At the end of the day, it is you that you are selling. It’s not the actual affiliate products that you are pushing, it is you. If you get them to trust you, then they will act on your recommendations. This is the secret to email marketing. You have to build trust. You have to become credible. The sequence of email you send really is a form of seduction. It’s all about seductive persuasion. You start out very simple and then you gradually build up each time you take trust a notch higher. If you send the right content and you communicate clearly, you build trust.

Trust is the Key

How do you build trust with your email series? Very simple. You send solid content. How do you know a content is solid? It adds value to the lives of the people that received that content! For example: You are trying to sell garden tools. To be able to sell garden tools effectively with your mailing list, it’s a good idea to send gardening tips, garden information, gardening guides and other information that this people who are interested in gardening would want to know. They will grow to trust you because you have given them this helpful information, by the time you send that email that recommends certain garden tools, you already have them feeding from the palm of your hand. That’s how solid trust building works with an email series. Compare that situation with a guy who recruits mailing list members by offering some sort of free ebook related to gardening. Once the list is full of people, he then sends out email after email telling those people how they can get their ex back. Do you think those people will sign up? Sure, maybe a handful would, but that person who took the time and effort to build that list is basically wasting the power of that list by sending irrelevant garbage. That person is basically sending spam. That person is basically burning up whatever trust he generated from his list members and throwing it away in exchange for some chump change. Don’t be that person.

You have to build trust with solid content. The content is not just in your email responder series, but also in the content that you present to your potential list members. That’s right. You build trust before the sign up and after the sign up. The key to trust building really is about building relationships. You build a relationship through the know-like-trust-buy process. You get people to know you by offering a helpful information. If this information is consistent and adds value to their lives, they begin to like you. Once you keep sending helpful information time-after-time, they begin to trust you. Once they trust you, they buying process pretty much a done deal. You still have to go through a certain process, but the game is really for you to lose. You’ve already won. It’s for you to lose at that stage.

Some Key Trust Building Considerations

Everything that you do with your mailing list really can do one thing or another. It can build trust or it can destroy trust. There is no middle ground. There is no neutral actions. The stuff that you send out can either make you look good or make you look like a spammer. This is why you have to pick your affiliate programs carefully. It’s a good idea to actually review the products and make sure that the product will actually help your list members. Pick products that you will be pushing. Make sure that if you are sharing other people’s content, that content is high quality and really adds value. If you do these things together and you take good care of your list members, you build a solid brand. It lets your list members become emotionally invested in what you’re doing. If you do things the right way and you send solid content, you reach a point where you build a community around your content. Once community members become emotionally invested in what you’re doing, they become your promoters.

Remember there is no “set it and forget it” solution

I’ve already outlined the conventional wisdom of email marketing caters to. These are people that are lazy, lack technical skills or are simply looking for shortcuts. These people are looking for set it and forget it solutions when it comes to email marketing. The bad news is there’s no such animal exists. There is no such thing as set it and forget it solution. You have to have some sort of input. You have to put your personality in the mix. You have to become personally involve. Making money online with list marketing is not simply a matter of flicking on a switch. It doesn’t work that way. Regardless of how many “gurus” and scammers trying to convince you otherwise. The set it and forget it solution for email marketing at least doesn’t exist yet. You have to pay attention to your list’s patterns. You have to pay attention to the text you’re sending out. You have to pay attention to how you approach your audience. In other words, you have to customize your list around the needs of your audience. You have to customize your list and your content based on your traffic. These activities are the furthest things from a set it and forget it solution. The best you can do is to forget all about set it and forget it solutions.

Making money through online mailing list is not just possible, but doable. Every single day, there are people all over the world that make a decent living from mailing list marketing. The problem is there is so much hype and outright lies regarding email marketing that more and more people are falling for the misleading slogan of “the money is in the list.” If you think this way, chances are high that you’re going to fail. If you don’t want to waste your time, effort, money and most important of all, emotional energy, pay attention to the tips outlined above.

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